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  • Blue Lantern Tea House Seating Area
    Enjoy an authentic Tea Experience!

Welcome To Blue Lantern Tea

Your Source for Rare Artisan Tea and Tea Ware

We source only the highest quality teas and tea ware. Check out our extensive selection of Chinese tea, Japanese tea, and English Classic teas from India. While you're at it, don't forget to check out our herbal, blended and naturally flavored teas. And for those refined tea drinkers who want to experience tea the way it was meant to be experienced, check out our selection of beautifully crafted artisan tea wares and accessories.


Raw Puer from Blue Lantern Tea

Artisan Tea

Discover our many varieties of Artisan Teas from around the world.

An Da Studio Tea Set from Blue Lantern Tea

Artisan Tea Ware

Experience tea with our ascetically beautiful artisan tea ware.

Tea Cake and Tea Brick from Blue Lantern Tea

Tea Knowledge

Educate yourself on the many health benefits, history, and culture of tea.

"Original purpose of tea ceremony is to cleanse the six senses. For the eyes, there are the hanging scrolls and flower arrangements. For the nose, there is incense. For the ears, there is the sound of hot water. For the mouth, there is the taste of tea. And for the hands and feet, there is the correctness of form. When the five senses have thus been cleansed, the mind will be purified."

—from Hagakura