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Tea Knowledge

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Brewing Methods and Ideas

Basic brewing methods and ideas for general brewing and Gung Fu brewing.

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Gung Fu Cha at Blue Lantern Tea

The Gung Fu Way • A Tea Ceremony

It is a misconception that Kung Fu (same characters as Gung Fu) means martial art. Kung Fu translates as skill effort but is interpreted as skill developed through hard work and effort over time. Learn how you can develop skill and effort through the art of tea.

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Wu Wo Tea Ceremony • Blue Lantern Tea

Wu Wo • Without Self Tea Ceremony

In traditional Gung Fu Cha, the host prepares and serves Tea, whereas in Wu Wo Cha, everyone prepares and serves Tea.

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[pix_md_text align=”text_center” max_width=”550″]”Tea… It is a religion of the Art of Life.”[/pix_md_text]

—Okakura Kakuzo                                       

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