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Our First Yoga And Tea Series This Thursday!

Yoga Studio for Tea and Yoda at Blue Lantern Tea House

First in our East Meets East Yoga and Tea Series is this Thursday! Come and experience the cultivation of mind and body through the ancient art of Yoga. Afterwords, enjoy a brief demonstration of the traditional way of Chinese tea methods, then experience it for yourself. Choose from an large selection of Blue Lantern Tea’s artisan tea menu. But don’t wait! There are a limited number of spots available for this event! Contact us today and reserve your spot!

This event will be held in partnership with Lois Bunger – Certified Yoga Instructor and owner of Synergy Yoga. Lois will be teaching the Yoga session. Blue Lantern Tea co-owner Jesse Berry will be demonstrating the Chinese Tea Brewing method, and along with his wife Blue Lantern’s other co-owner, will be hosting the tea portion of the event. Yoga will be done at Young Forest Martial Arts, which is in with Blue Lantern Tea House at 106 N. Broadway, Greenville, Ohio. Participants will then move over to the Tea House for the tea experience.

You can contact us directly for reservations, or Lois Bunger at 937.459.9000