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The Way of Tea – Finding Beauty In All Things

Finding Beauty In All Things At Blue Lantern Tea House

Tea is more than just appreciating rare, artisan teas from around the world. It is a philosophy – a way of life – with simple principles. One of which is finding beauty in all things. The Chajin, person of tea, will not only find beauty and purpose in simple and ordinary things, they will find beauty in things most people would discard or not give a second glance. Blue Lantern Tea embraces that with an ascetically pleasing tea house that boasts a view of a post-industrial lot surrounded by seemingly untamed wilderness. As we sit comfortably in our traditional Asian themed tea house and look out at the empty lot we think about what once was and the impermanence of life. We see the encroaching foliage and witness nature take its course as it slowly reclaims its territory. We watch and listen to the cars go by, we take a whiff and sip of our tea in the quiet shelter of our tea house, and we appreciate the beauty of nature in all its splendor. In this case; an appreciation initiated by a cold, empty, seemingly forgotten lot. Come to Blue Lantern Tea House and enjoy great tea, great company, and beauty both outside and within.