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Shelter From The Storm At Blue Lantern Tea House

Blue Lantern Tea House | Weather The Storm

At one time in parts of the orient, and like that of tea in the West, the tea room and tea ceremony were a celebration of prestige. But as tea became more available to the lower working classes, along with the rapid expansion of urban development throughout the world, individuals began to seek shelter from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. In the orient, a whole tea culture, along with the quiet retreats of the tea room, were created for just that purpose – a quiet refuge from the hard living of everyday life.  At Blue Lantern Tea House, we too offer shelter from the tempest of work, school, family, etc. Step in out of the storm. Sit down in quiet solitude, or with a fellow refugee of everyday living, and relax to a cup of tea, before heading back out into the storm.