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Blue Lantern Tea Webstore Re-Opens!

Blue Lantern Tea Room

We are excited to announce that bluelanterntea.com is back open for business! Since we have been closed, some exciting things have happened (which ironically initiated the webstore closing); we relocated and have renovated a retail store with a small seating area! For more information visit https://bluelanterntea.com/blue-lantern-tea-house/

In addition to offering Rare Artisan Tea and Tea Ware online, we can now offer an authentic tea experience. Seating is limited and we do accept reservations so call ahead!

We will also be hosting periodic tea events so subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned to our calendar of events at https://bluelanterntea.com/events/

Finally, we would like to thank all of our ‘regulars’ who continued to patronize us while the webstore was closed!